Disaster Recovery


Allo Telecom Online Backup is the ideal cloud backup solution for IT environments of any size — from
small businesses to the largest enterprises. It is the industry’s most secure, scalable and
easy-to-manage online backup and on-demand data recovery service — and the only global cloud
backup solution fully managed and monitored 24/7. Should you ever lose data to a disaster, Allo Telecom Online Backup can immediately restore any missing files to your original servers or location you specify.
No matter the size or location of your organization, Allo Telecom Online Backup is the smart choice to
protect all of your business data.

Unique Benefits of Allo Telecom Online Backup :

Fully Managed and Monitored
Backups managed 24/7
Proactive monitoring and notification
Daily report inspection
Emergency service at no charge

Highly Flexible
Supports all servers, databases, OS, apps, etc.
Can be deployed in public, private and hybrid cloud models
Unlimited scalability for devices, device types and locations
Will restore lost data to any hardware you specify, at any location, anytime.

Highest Levels of Security, Encryption and Quality Control
AES 256-bit encryption in transit and at rest (highest levels available)
Same encryption used by the US Military for “Top Secret” data
ISO 27001 and SSAE16 certifications
Meets and exceeds even the strictest data-security regulation

Complete and Rapid Data Restoration
Data is compressed, encrypted, and securely transferred to primary data center
Data is seamlessly and continuously mirrored to secondary data center
Lost data can be restored to your servers or other hardware with one click

Designed to support the entire digital footprint of businesses of any size, Allo Telecom’s cloud-based
platform provides you with continuous data backups over the Internet and, upon demand, a
restore of missing files or even entire servers back to your original location or to any storage hardware
you require.
Allo Telecom saves your IT staff time and resources, so they can focus on more mission-critical and
forward-looking initiatives.
What Your Full Managed and Monitored Allo Telecom Online Backup
Solution Includes
Data Recovery Assurance
Redundant offsite data protection means assured
recovery of lost data in minutes.
Flexible Backup Schedules
Set automatic or perform manual backups
whenever you choose.
Allo Telecom uses systemic remediation to
continually verify data integrity.
Easy to Deploy
Our system can be deployed in minutes and
requires no special staff training.
Replaces Tape
Remove the time, expense and possible human
error in tape backup.
256-bit Encryption and SSL Transmission
The highest levels of encryption and security for
data in transit and at rest.
Eliminates redundancy, reducing bandwidth loads
and accelerating backups.
User-Defined Retention Guidelines
Set your own rules for how long Allo Telecom keeps
deleted files on our servers.
Security and Compliance
Among the world’s few ISO 27001-certified firms, we
help you meet the strictest regulatory demands.
Unlimited Scalability
Allo Telecom can scale up to continually meet the
backup needs of your business.
Call Allo Telecom at 514-722-3236, or email us at sac@AlloTelecom.ca


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    excellent service with allo telecom for 2 years. very satisfied especially for the service after sale. thank you

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