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Dedicated Fiber Internet

Allo Telecom offers a high availability and dedicated Fiber Internet Connection for mid to large enterprises delivered via fiber optic. Connection are backed by high quality bandwidth and exceptional customer service.

Why does transit matter:

  • Reach any network in just a few millisecondsWith multiple high quality upstream providers specializing in specific regions, Allo Telecom gives you a direct Fiber Internet connection to any part of the world.
  • No packet lossBecause Allo Telecom has direct upstream to target geographical locations and ample bandwidth, the likelihood where in the world is minimal.
  • Extreme redundancyWhereas most fiber internet providers only have one upstream, Allo Telecom has a whole portfolio. Many of these upstreams would have to go down before our customers even notice a slowdown, let alone go down.
  • No oversubscribingMost fiber internet service provider saturate their upstream by oversubscribing the amount of customers in relation to their total capacity. Allo Telecom has almost a 1 to 1 ration keeping bandwidth available.
  • Our Solutions

    • Dedicated Fiber Internet ConnectionOrigen offers high availability dedicated Fiber Internet Connections for mid to large enterprise delivered via fiber optic. Connections are backed by high quality bandwidth and exceptional customer, service.Get a quote
    • Point To Point Connection and Multipoint ConnectivityUnlike traditional layer 2 connectivity with Origen customers can run without any limitations. Q and Q supports allows companies to run their own VLANS ab.Get a quote
    • Volume InternetMulti-branch and Franchise customers can take advantage of Origen’s volume pricing. For large customers, custom routing, application limitations and QoS policies are possible directly on the internet connections itself.Get a quote
    • IP Data Deployment ConsultingIt’s not always easy to harmonize LAN and WAN. Origen offers integration consulting with Cisco certified design associates on staff. From giving you equipment selection advice and best practices to complete infrastructure design.Get a quote


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    Recent Google Reviews

    Babacar Diop

    excellent service with allo telecom for 2 years. very satisfied especially for the service after sale. thank you

    Mildred Michau

    excellent service with allo telecom for 2 years. very satisfied especially for the service after sale. thank you

    Mathieu Langlois

    Exellent reliable and fast service the number 1 according to me I recommend.

    Bijouterie Jean-Brice

    Very good service.

    Boyer Jacques

    I have the Internet service and phone with this supplier Allo Telecom, since 2015, never had problems, they never increased the price, better than that they increased my speed without charge.And the girls in the customer service are great sympas.Bravo

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